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Learn about LBIC

The LBIC is a state board authorized and governed by the provisions of LSA-R.S. 3:2051 et seq. and the federal “Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order”.

The LBIC collects and administers the federal beef checkoff at the state level. Federal law requires the collection of $ 1 per head of cattle sold within the state of Louisiana (and all other states) of which $.50 is sent to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board (CBB), a federal entity, and $.50 remains in the custody of the LBIC to accomplish the requirements of the federal “Beef Promotion Act and Order”.

The Louisiana Beef Industry Council was restructured as a result of Act 428 passed during the 2015 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature. This legislation changed the composition of the Council causing a different structure of organizational representation and the appointment of some new members.

Act 428 took effect on August 1, 2015 and provided for the members of the Council, appointed in accordance with the provisions of the new law, to assume their position as Council members effective August 17, 2015. The first Council meeting occurred August 21, 2015.

The Council is comprised of ten (10) members. The Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association appoints three (3) members. Three (3) members are appointed by the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation. The Louisiana Livestock Auction Markets Association appoints two (2) members and Cattle Producers of Louisiana appoints one (1) member. Additionally, the Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture serves as an ex officio member in an advisory capacity.

The Council meets four times per year by law, but may meet more often upon a majority vote of the board.